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Hemraj Goyal Foundation Make £55,000 Donation to Refugee and Anti-Trafficking Funds

One Family Chairman, Sharif Banna MBE, welcomed Avnish and Anita Goyal, Trustees and Founders of the Hemraj Goyal Foundation to One Family HQ at Plexal, London.

On the visit, Avnish and Anita presented a cheque of £55,000 to support the high impact partners we are working with through our Refugee and Anti-Trafficking Funds.

Working in partnership with the Hemraj Goyal Foundation, One Family delivered another successful Iftar at The Savoy this year, following which, we immediately launched Diwali at The Savoy and enjoyed yet another inspirational evening in the heart of London.

As well as pledging their support, Avnish and Anita will also visit Maiti Nepal, our Anti-Trafficking Fund partner in Nepal later this year. On the presentation, Anita Goyal who also runs the Foundation said, “We were delighted to enter a partnership with One Family for the first-ever Diwali at the savoy and look forward to both exciting events next year. One Family is reaching people and changing their lives. We hope we can play a part in that for many years to come.”

Through hard work and collaboration, the Goyal family prospered and in 2010 Avnish Goyal, the youngest son of Hemraj Goyal, decided that it was time to give back to society. He realised that the next generation, including his own children, had not seen the hardship that he had endured growing up in a challenging environment in the 1970’s. The challenges of his parent’s and grandparent’s generation of partition and the mass expulsion of Asians in East Africa was not always understood by the new generation. However, he came to believe that today’s millennials did not need lectures on how lucky they were but would far better understand their privileged position by getting involved in charitable activities.

Hence, Avnish set up the Foundation with the support of his siblings and through collaboration with 20 plus members of the next generation aged 6 to 30 years old, they decided that the aims of the Foundation were to help alleviate suffering and abuse to children and women by supporting charities both here in the UK and abroad. The Foundation’s aims are also to support educational programs and community cohesion, bringing people together to tackle current issues in the world.